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2021, "yeegoole" company tour, study and discussion, cultural exchange activities

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We are in an era of competition. From pure product competition to current human resource competition, from production material competition to high-tech competition, the competition we face is becoming more and more intense and diversified. So, how can our company be invincible in such competition? Long-term work experience has given me the best answer: unity operation and efficient communication.

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Team building is very important for an enterprise, especially our large electric appliance chain company. The company is a large team, and each store is a small team. We want to successfully complete a project without teamwork. Only by realizing teamwork, trusting each other, helping each other, and learning from each other, our work will be smoother. Our future is brighter.


Strengthen team building and enhance store competitiveness. This requires us to adhere to the people-oriented approach and to implement the scientific development concept throughout the entire process of team building. It is required to persist in development for the sake of employees, to develop employees in class, and to share the results of development by employees, and to realize, maintain and develop the fundamental interests of the majority of employees as the fundamental starting point and end point of all work in the store.


Strengthening team building and enhancing the competitiveness of stores requires continuous learning. To win in the era of knowledge economy, companies must train their employees for life, and consider the company as a "learning organization." Facing the information age, only by continuous learning can the team remain invincible and better meet the challenges of the era of knowledge economy. Team excitement requires constant innovation.

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In the past, people regarded innovation as a risk, but now people realize that not innovating is the biggest risk. The current era is an era of seeking change and innovation, and immutability will eventually be eliminated by time. The essence of sustainable development of an enterprise is continuous innovation. Without innovation, there will be no development. Enterprise innovation is in concept, to stimulate innovation, in innovation, one must allow failure, and innovation will only succeed if failure is allowed. Second, take risks. Taking risks is the father of innovation. In a sense, without taking risks, there is no innovation, and there is no success. Third, we must maintain competition and continuous improvement. Only in this way can innovation be achieved, and innovation can also be achieved. Building a team spirit is a long-term and arduous task. It requires leaders and employees to work together and not to struggle with pride. It is necessary to grasp the macro and consider the big picture, but also to start from the small things and grasp the micro. We must clearly realize that team spirit cannot be built overnight. Instead, it must be shaped and established for years and months. If we establish a team spirit that adapts to the requirements of the new era, we will lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the company. Concentrate effort, for the goals of the company, but also for the goals of the employees themselves. Give full play to ingenuity, tap unlimited potential, work hard, work hard, promote the rapid development of enterprises, and obtain good economic benefits.

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