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     "YEEGOOLE" For the production of food trailers, we adjusted the scale again, the production workshop expanded again, and the workshop formed flow production. Each component production has its own area.

The production of each model has its own workshop. We strive for production efficiency and ensure production quality. The company continues to invest heavily in design, for food trucks, RVs, large mobile kitchens, cold drink trailers, etc.,,,,

Multiple developments, multiple styles, and more optimization of functions, overseas designers continue to transmit new design concepts, absorb the solutions proposed by European and American customers, and be the best quality supplier, "YEEGOOLE" food trailer, and strive to create brilliant


One stop food vehicle manufacturer in China, specialized in food cart, food trailer, food kiosk, catering trailer, food truck, food van, over 12 years experiences. Welcome to custom food vehicle! All the mobile food vehilces with CE certification. All the optional devices are designed according to your needs.

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