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Food cart - simple maintenance, easy operation, light weight

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The food cart is a transport vehicle that is pushed and pulled manually. The body material of the traditional food cart is generally wood, and the food cart body material of modern production is generally iron sheet.

Different types of hand food carts have different body structures. General purpose four-wheeled food carts mostly have a cargo platform. Special-purpose hand food carts have a variety of structures, some of which are box-shaped and suitable for handling light-weight and easy-to-handle items; some are provided with brackets to facilitate the placement of rods, shafts, and tubes; The shape of the body is fully consistent with the cargo, such as a gas cylinder car; some are very compact, and can be folded and carried easily; some are used to facilitate the loading and unloading of drummed liquids, paper rolls and other cylindrical cargoes, and two flat steels are formed on the car body to be low in height. Inclined surface to facilitate rolling up and down the cylinder, such as a cylindrical cargo truck. Modern hand food carts are equipped with rolling bearings and solid tires or pneumatic tires for wheels.

The Garden cart is a transport vehicle that is pushed and pulled by humans. It is the ancestor of all vehicles. Despite the continuous development of material handling techniques for hand carts, hand carts are still in use as an indispensable carrying tool. Hand carts are widely used in production and life because of their low cost, simple maintenance, easy operation, and light weight. They can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use and are convenient when handling lighter items at short distances.

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